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Organic Spinach Seeds

Great Growing Tips for Organic Spinach

Sow in the spring or fall when the weather is cool.  Spinach will go to seed in hot weather.  Seed will not germinate well in hot weather as well.  Even in cool weather it can be slow to germinate.  Be patient.

Heirloom orgnaic spinach can tolerate some light shade.

Plant spinach seed in rich, highly humus organic soil. 

Replant every two weeks for a continual crop.  Plant seed thickly and thin regularly for baby spinach. 

Never let your organic spinach dry out. 

You may continually harvest from the lower leaves until the plant is spent.

Here are some of the best heirloom Spinach seed varieties: America Heirloom spinach seeds, Bloomsdale Long Standing Heirloom Spinach seeds, Bloomsdale Savoy Heirloom Spinach seeds, Giant Thick Leafed Heirloom Spinach seeds, Viking Heirloom Spinach seeds, Monnopa Heirloom Spinach seeds, Strawberry Heirloom Spinach seed , New Zealand Heirloom Spinach seeds, Viroflay Heirloom Spinach seeds, Giant Noble Heirloom Spinach seeds, Gigante d'Inverno Heirloom Spinach seeds, Merlo Nero Heirloom Spinach seeds, Monstrueux De Viroflay Heirloom Spinach seeds, and Red Malabar Heirloom Spinach seeds(not a true spinach).

Organic Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach

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Organic Norfolk Spinach

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Organic Winter Bloomsdale Spinach

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