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Organic Superior Licorice Mint

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Organic Superior Licorice "Korean" Mint

Agastache rugosa
Hardy perennial to 4 feet tall, with 8” purple spikes, the whole plant licorice scented. Sweet leaves and flower buds for salad, seasoning, and tea. Treat like basil for use as an annual; enjoys heat, tolerates freezing. Attracts and feeds a host of beneficial insects, honeybees and birds. Makes a good partner with fennel for feeding your wild friends well for autumn.

Hardy plants with thick heart-shaped 2” leaves that sun-blush purple during their ideal salad phase. Harvest continually by the leaf or stem tips for judicious use in salad mix, or cut in bunches as you would basil. Purple flower spikes follow the tender eating stage, making sturdy fragrant cut flowers that will hold color and smell even after drying. Migrating birds relish oily seeds from unharvested seedheads. Grows in clumps, does not spread by runners or self-sowing. A very good candidate for the insectary hedgerow.

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