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Organic Tall Green Purslane


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Organic Tall Green Purslane

Portulaca oleracea sativa

250 mg packet contains ~500 seeds

Not the matting weed wildling, but big garden varieties that are upright and large-leafed. These do not become invasive, although they will self-sow and perform well if tended. Used by tradition as an esteemed vegetable, and for soup in the southwest. We use it raw for its juicy and lemony flavor as a summer salad item. Highest vegetable source for omega-3 fatty acids, well-documented for beneficial cardiovascular and cholesterol controlling effects. Chickens grazing on purslane produce high omega-3 eggs. The species has no freeze tolerance, but excels in the hottest weather.

Emerald green leaves are 2” long by ½” wide, thick and juicy. Plants grow to 20” tall on reddish erect stems branching from the base. These are cut and bunched for use as a vegetable. Thrives in summer heat, but has no frost tolerance. Can be grown them as transplants, spaced 12” apart in rows 16” apart. Direct seeding works well, as seeds germ readily in less than a week, but thinning is important for productive plants.


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