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Organic Texas Early Grano 502 PRR Onion

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Allium cepa
Organic Texas Early Grano 502 PRR (175 days)

Released by the Texas Agricultural Experimental Station in 1944. 

1933 began the Texas onion breeding program which was to produce the Mother "Grano 502" which was in the parentage of all SuperSweet onions such as Granex (Vidalia, Maui Maui and NoonDay) and the Texas 1015Y.

Texas early grano forms large globe shaped vidalia-type onions.  Fine eating quality, nicely uniform with a white flesh. Nice flavor that is not too pungent. 

Tolerance to pink root rot.   That is what the "PRR" stands for.  This is an improvement over "Texas Early Grano 502"  Learn more about the history of onions in Texas.

Texas Early Grano is a short day variety, but works well as an indeterminate day variety of onion as well

TIP:  Remember, organic onions are shallow rooted and benefit from ample amounts of water to form proper bulbs.  About an inch a week.


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1/8-1/4" 300 50-85 3-13 6" 5-6" 100 lb. Full

Allium cepa

Planting Tips for Organic Onions:

Day length sensitive – check for which is best in your area.  Needs a light friable soil to grow successfully.  Start in early spring, scatter seeds in tray ¼”- ½” apart in moist soil and put in warm place.  Transplant out 8-10 weeks later in final spacing.  Thinned onions are great in salads!

Short Day Onions are normally planted in the fall in California unless you are in the Central Valley where you can also plant intermediate day onions as well. Short Day organic onion varieties: Red Creole onions, Red Burgundy onion, Vidalia onion, Yellow Granex onion, Yellow Burmuda onion, White Bermuda onions, Crystal White wax onion, Red Granex onion, Early Granon Onions, Organic Texas Grano, Torpedo Red Onions,

Seeding Rate for Organic Onion Seeds:

300,000 plants/acre, aproximately 3 lb.

Heirloom seeds are hardy but always take care with your garden seeds to give them the appropriate amount of moisture - not letting the vegetable seeds dry out prematurely or overwatering and possibly having them rot.


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