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Organic Wild Tobacco

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Organic Wild Tobacco

Nicotiana bigelovii 

Packet contains 100 seeds.  Approximately 10,000 seeds per gram. 

Native to CA,OR,NV and AZ, this species was historically smoked and used ceremonially by indigenous people in California.  The plants have spear-shaped leaves and large, white, flowers that attract pollinators.  Wild tobacco is a beautiful addition to the garden, and can be grown in containers.  

Growing Information

Type: Annual

Seed Depth: Surface sow

Height: 36-48 inches

Spacing: 18-24 inches

Light: Full sun

Water: Moderate

Soil: Well-drained, enriched

USDA Zone: 6-10

When to sowStart indoors a few weeks before last frost date.  Transplant out when plants have 3-4 true leaves.

Blooming period: Midsummer to early fall

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