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Italian Parsley

Parsley, Giant Dark Green Italian

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Petroselinum crispum

Giant Dark Green Italian Parsley  (72 days)

We got this a few years ago with the name on the package "Prezzemolo Gigante D Italia".  Prezzemolo in Italy means "to turn up everywhere".  If that means it is hardy then we agree!  

A parsley with a deep, rich and strong flavor that will add to just about any dish.  We add parsley to all of our soups and sometimes to our salads.  Our Italian friends use the seed to add to their homemade sausage.  I can testify it is yummy!

Sara's Super Herbs website says...
"As a culinary it goes with everything except sweets. It is a main ingredient in tabouli. It is delicious with garlic, butter, escargots, salad, grilled meat, and poultry. It adds a nice dimension to potatoes mashed with milk and butter. The Belgians like fondue with deep-fried parsley on the side. The Japanese deep-fry it in tempura batter. It is a prime ingredient in salsa verde. The English make a jelly with it."

We rely on parsley to give our rabbits some wonderful greens that are rich in A, C and B vitamins.  The growth rate is fast enough to harvest from 5 plants on a regular basis.  We also dry the leaves and the seed for seasoning during the winter. 

Sara @ Super Herbs says..."Knowing the body absorbs vitamins and minerals more readily from food then pills, I cured myself of being borderline anemic by eating a lot of tabouli with parsley. It is good for goiter, obesity, bed-wetting, fluid retention, indigestion, gas, menstrual disorders, worms, and bad breath. It is beneficial to the function of the thyroid, lungs, stomach, bladder, liver, and kidneys. So don't treat it as a garnish. Eat it as one of the most nutritious items on your plate!"

Recommended by the Following State Universities or Ag Extension Offices as a variety that performs well for their region .  OR

Herbal Lemonade Boil 2 cups of water and pour over a 2" sprig of rosemary OR 1 heaping tablespoon of lavender flowers. Steep for 5-8 minutes and then remove herbs. Add 1/3 c. sugar or honey and stir to dissolve. Pour into a 1 quart jar and add 1/4 c. lemon juice. Fill the rest of the way with cold water. Chill and taste, adjusting lemon and sweetness to taste. Serve over ice, with a small fresh sprig of rosemary or lavender if you like.

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