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Bidwell melon

Organic Bidwell Casaba Melon

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Organic Bidwell Casaba Melon (95 days)


This melon originated just a few minutes away from us here in Chico, CA.  Bidwell is named after John Bidwell, who was a general in the Civil War and struck it rich in the California Gold Rush.  Bidwell later founded the town of Chico, where he planted the original seed stock from the Department of Agriculture on his estate.  After many years of selection the Bidwell Casaba was born. Bidwell was also known for his wheat production and gold medal winning flour which he ground at his on site mill.  He is credited for California's first commercial raisin crop.

Bidwell Casaba produces a huge football shaped melon late in the season when it is hot.

The flesh is creamy, sugary and compared to orange sherbet by many. 

Fruits can reach 15 pounds, are deep grooved, and have yellow skin. 

Very aromatic.  

If it were not for seed savers Zea Sonnabend, Clara and Lowell Stringfellow (now in their 80s), Bidwell Casaba would not have survived to the present day. 

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