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Rose Clover

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Trifolium hirtum
Rose Clover (Hykon)

Hykon Rose Clover is annual clover that can be used for erosion control, annual pasture, and cover crops for vineyards and orchards.  Hykon is a mid/late maturing rose clover that produces highly palitable vigorous spring growth.  Hykon is suited to a wide range of soil types.  It can grow well on rocky, dry soils and in acid to neutral soils of low fertility.  It is well adapted to rangeland use, when allowed to reseed itself effectively.  When allowed to mature 40% to 60% of the seeds Hykon produces is in the form of hardseed (Hardseededness is a mechanism of seed dormancy that allows formation of a persistent seedbank). 

Soil Preperation:  Clover prefers cool weather conditions. This crop is well-adapted a wide range of soil types and conditions. Rose clover tolerates wet conditions better than vetch. It can be overseeded on small grains and if the soil is not crusted, it can be overseeded in vegetable crops with no additional preparation to the land.

**Organic certified coating.

Seeding rate is about 1/2 lb. per 1,000 sq. ft.

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