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Homestead "Lifeline" Package

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A "Lifeline Package"

Grow over 40,000 lbs of food for less than a penny a pound!

This package includes just about all the food you could possibly want! We are offering over 40,000 lbs worth of food you can grow yourself, save for next year, or sell to the markets! We have painstakingly taken into account your diet and created a package that includes tomatoes for fresh eating as well as canning, high nutrient greens and root vegetables, melons for the sweet tooth, pumpkins and squash for storing high-value produce over the winter, grains high in calories and fats, and important herbs that are essential to any homestead or off the grid household.

Grow the tastiest and most nutritious veggies you've ever eaten!

According to independent studies of fruits and vegetables over the last twenty years, their nutritional content has declined by more than thirty percent!

And on top of that, "commercial" agriculture, which was supposed to be the savior of the hungry world, food prices have nearly doubled! How's that for food economics!

The food you grow in your own organic garden is going to have more nutrition and minerals than anything found in the supermarket.

So not only are you saving money by growing the food yourself, securing your future by growing open pollinated varieties, you're also going to be putting more vitamins and minerals in with every bite than you could possibly do from store-bought food!

In the animal world, farmers will feed their cows and other animals "food" but it's laced with minerals and vitamins - the same we have to do today with our one-a-days!

How about just eating good, healthy, nutritious food? Now you can!

In order to give you the "lifeline garden" you need, not only have we saved and produced seed ourselves, we have also gone out and found the highest quality seed sources so that you can have the best, most productive, and comprehensive garden for an all-around diet you can grow yourself.

These amazing seeds are all non-hybrid "open pollinated" varieties. Even though we've got an extremely short supply of seeds this year, we've set aside some especially for these homestead packages. Once these are sold, we'll be out until next year - this year's seed companies have sold out of their seeds in record time from concerned people just like you!

These high quality non-hybrid, non-gmo seeds aren't from the "seed floor sweepings" as some other companies will try and sell to you. Nope, these are great producing, high quality, hard to beat seeds that will grow you quality, nutritious, safe food for your family.

You might not know the seed business, but we do - and trust us, there's some seed on the market that's not very good! The seeds sometimes don't germinate (grow up), the seed isn't "true to type" (meaning it might say it's a red tomato, but you could get all green ones!), and sometimes the packages hardly have any seed in them at all!

How are you going to feed your family with a pin-head's worth of seed? You can't!

We've chosen some of our best seeds and given you a huge amount of them - way more than enough for you to feed a family of four!


High Quality Seed Requirements

Folks, we're a seed company - we care about quality seed and vegetables. We also have to, by law, test our seeds and make sure we're giving high quality seed to our customers! We're not in this to scare you into buying this product. We're not trying to make a fortune. We want to provide a great product at a reasonable cost. Even if you go to our website and checkout the regular seed packages, we're probably the LOWEST price you'll find (if you can find it available still)! We also ALWAYS put more seed in the package than we have to! We want you to be a happy customer!

FamilyGardeningBUT we also want you to be HEALTHY! That's why we're doing what NO OTHER COMPANY does! We include a balanced seed selection here. Other companies sell you a "survival kit" of seed that mostly includes inexpensive beans! One company out there has beans for just about half (of only 20 varieties) of their included seed! We're not doing that. We have put together more than 45 different vegetables, grains, and herbs for your health and nutrition

We include leafy greens, tomatoes, grains, corn, beans, root vegetables, sunflowers for your own oil, and herbs for health and flavoring! Where else out there can you get such a great combination!?!?

Because we're a seed company, we can afford to offer the variety and quantity of seed we're giving you. We're passing along our savings to you!


Feed Your Family Within ONE YEAR

I'm sure you've heard about "Crisis Gardens" or "Survival Gardens" or "Survival Seeds". This package isn't that. We're not selling you seeds to be afraid! We're selling you enough seeds with enough variety that you will be feeding your family within one year.

The seeds in this package will give you over 40,000 pounds of food! This is no "toy" seed package. This is a real - honest-to-goodness backyard farm we're offering here! Many people won't even have the space to plant all the seeds in this package! Frankly we think that's a good thing - as any good farmer will tell you - "ya don't plant 100% of your seeds - save some back for next year!"


Shelf Life

The shelf life of the seeds varies from variety to variety. Onions and Carrots are the earliest at 2 years under usual storage conditions. If stored in a refrigerator the shelf life could be extended possibly to 4-5 years. The other seeds vary from 3-7 years under normal conditions, allowing for much longer if kept in a refrigerator. Freezing is problematic as the seeds, if not properly dried, can be killed through the freezing process - refrigeration is a better bet.

No need to buy seed next year!

But what else we're offering that NO OTHER COMPANY offers is the ability to save your seed from these veggies! We want you to be self-sufficient! We don't want you to buy these same seeds again!

Yes, we said that - we don't want you to buy these same seeds again!

We want you to save the seed from these guys!

We offer, along with the seeds, an industry standard book: "Saving Vegetable Seeds". This is a must-have for homesteaders who want to save their own seed. It tells you how to do it, what to do, when to do it, and how to keep doing it over and over, year after year!


It's about food security - right in your backyard!

This isn't about fear, folks! Some of our competitors push the fear envelope! We're not doing that. Yes, this is a great security seed bank. It's about putting the food production and security back in your hands! We feel that food production has gone WAY beyond the borders of people's awareness. Our children don't even know how a plant grows, let alone a hamburger! We want to teach our young people how they get their food and to give them a healthier life by producing and growing their own food.

What you'll be getting is a package of seeds that has detailed growing information on each package. These packages are sealed in two (yes TWO) secure air-tight bags, which are sealed inside a plastic bucket that is moisture- and rodent-proof. Providing you store these in cool (even temperatures - no swings), they will last at least 3-5 years. These packages are a guaranteed healthier way of eating. They are a guaranteed cheaper way of eating! This package is designed to be used and abused!


Feel better, be healthier - the side effects of gardening!

I'm not going to sugar-coat it like others try and do. Gardening will have it's side effects! You'll get stronger muscles, better food, healthier joints and bones, better posture, a good tan, and yep...you'll sweat a bit! It'll take some work, but boy will that work pay off! You'll feel more energized than you have in years! And what better way of family bonding? Teaching the kids the importance and amazing wonder of life! Imagine seeing your child's eyes light up when they realize they "created" life when they first see the seedlings come up from seeds THEY PLANTED!


What you get:

$350 Worth of Seeds for Only $199: For LESS than a penny a pound you get more than 40,000 lbs of food! How much do veggies run you at the store? At least $1 a pound, right? Well that's a value ofover $40,000 - more than $350 worth of seed - for only $199!


Food Crop Quantity Seed Count
Beans 4 ounces 395
Beet - Fodder 1 ounce 1450
Beet - Garden 8 grams 420
Broccoli 1 gram 300
Cabbage 2 grams 450
Carrot 2 grams 1,400
Cauliflower 2 grams 630
Celery 1/2 gram 1,100
Chard 6 grams 318
Corn - Sweet 2 ounces 395
Corn - Dent 4 ounces 598
Cucumber 2 grams 60
Flower - Sunflower 1 ounce 395
Grain - Amaranth 7 grams 8,000
Grain - Barley 4 ounces 975
Grain - Oats 4 ounces 3,700
Grain - Sorghum 4 ounces 3,700
Grain - Triticale 4 ounces 1,800
Grain - Wheat 4 ounces 1,800
Herb - Basil 1/2 gram 250
Herb - Oregano 1/4 gram 250
Herb - Parsley 2 grams 600
Kale 4 grams 1,100
Lettuce 2 grams 1,700
Melon - Canteloupe 1 gram 35
Melon - Watermelon 4 grams 56
Okra 2 grams 35
Onion 2 grams 600
Parsnip 3 grams 500
Pea - Garden 4 ounces 500
Pepper - Bell 1 gram 175
Pepper - Hot 1 gram 175
Pumpkin 4 grams 32
Radish - Fodder 1 ounce 2,600
Radish - Garden 5 grams 450
Spinach 8 grams 575
Squash - Summer 4 grams


Squash - Winter 8 grams 50
Tomato 2 grams 525
Turnip 4 grams 1,300
Tobacco pack 100


Seed Saving "How-to" Book: You're getting so much in this package it's hard to list it all! But on top of the seeds, you're getting instructions on every seed package, telling you how to grow that seed. You're also getting an amazing book that will tell you how to keep and save that seed. AND you're getting a safe and secure way to store that seed until you use it!

Secure Storage Too! Overall you're getting a tremendous value! The seeds alone we're giving you, if purchased separately, would run you over $375. The book's another $8.95, the secure storage can is another $20 - all together, over $400! Your price is only $199! That's a savings of over $150!


I know you always hear "order now - supplies are limited." Well, in this case it's true! We are only able to produce and/or buy seed about once a year, so when supplies run out, they're gone! And with the economy the way it is, who knows how reliable seeds will be next year?

My suggestion to you is this: if you want to feed yourself and/or your family from food you've grown, this package is the way to go! Others claim they can feed you for years, or provide thousands of pounds of food, but the claims just don't add up!

Ours does! 40,000 lbs of food, $199....it's a no brainer!

Order now while supplies are available!


What you'll be getting is these amazing seeds - and much more!

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