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Mini Safety Seed in a Can

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Mini Safety Seed in a Can

Recently many of us have become concerned about issues such as economic shifts, natural disasters, and food security.  Many of us realize that we are totally dependent on big business to feed us and what they are feeding us, in the form of GMOs, is not only unhealthy, but can evaporate overnight.

Just like you would store water or canned goods in an emergency, you need a seed bank.  If you don't already have a garden, when an emergency strikes, you had better plant one, and fast.  That stock of food will not last long and your very survival may depend on what you can grow yourself.   What will your family eat if the grocery store shelves are empty?

Why we started selling seed banks....
We started getting questions recently about "survival seeds".  So we did a little research on the internet to see what came up.  We were shocked at the outrageous claims being made by people who are not even seed companies. 

Beware of non-seed companies selling "survival seeds".  Seed companies must adhere to federal germination guidelines.  You have no guarantee these folks didn't just buy the cheapest seed and many times foreign seed.  You have no idea what the germination rates may be.  A few say they buy from a "trusted national seed company"...if it is so trusted then why don't they say who it is?  Click here to see what "trusted" companies are selling Seminis seed (A Monsanto held company).

Many have greatly over-exaggerated claims as to food production from their seeds.  They say these few seeds will produce "thousands of pounds".   How do you get "thousands of pounds" from 20 seed packets?  Plus, they offer the same seed to everyone.  For instance, many of them offer varieties that simply will not grow or produce high yields for every geographic climate.   Others offer seeds in nothing but paper packages with nothing to protect the seed from rodents or moisture.  We directly emailed one company asking how long their seeds would store this way and we were told "seed will store ten to a thousand years when kept dark and dry".  Maybe, if you store them under ground in the desert or in a cave.   I assumed he was referring to the seeds found in Egyptian tombs or Anasazi caves. 
Most of us don't have a cave handy or live in a desert.

This is supposed to be a family's lifeline in case of emergency!!!  This really outraged us so we designed our own safety seed in a can.  Put your trust in a seed company.  Even if it is not our seed company.  The whole idea is that these seeds must grow food in an emergency!

We offer a package of our finest seeds for your peace of mind.  25 varieties of vegetables that will be the key to your survival success.  Typically we include the following (though substitutions can ocasionally happen): Detroit Dark Red Beet, Waltham 29 Broccoli, Golden Acre Cabbage, Danvers 126 Carrot, Snowball Cauliflower, Utah 52 70 Celery, Ruby Red Chard, Golden Bantam Corn, Lemon Cucumber, Genovese Basil, Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale, Bibb Lettuce, Honeyrock Melon, Sugarbaby Watermelon, Evergreen White Bunching Onion, Green Arrow Pea, Early Jalapeno Pepper, California Wonder Bell Pepper, Small Sugar Pumpkin, Cherry Belle Radish, Bloomsdale Spinach, Black Beauty Zucchini, Vegetable Spaghetti Squash, Early Prolific Straightneck Squash and Large Red Cherry Tomato.
These seeds are air-tight sealed in bags.  This package is then sealed airtight in a metal can to keep harmful moisture from destroying your seeds and a silica gel pack is added to absorb any remaining moisture.  The package is also rodent resistant. 

We sell only open pollinated heirloom seeds.  Which means in the event you don't have access to seed again, you can save the seed from the food you grow and plant more next year.  This is key to being self-sustaining in a time of crisis.

You will get 25 packages chock full of our finest seed.  This is enough seed to plant over a 1/4 acre of vegetables to feed your family.  Keep this container in a cold, dry place for maximum storage life.  Better yet keep it in your freezer. 

No one should be without a seed bank.  We keep a huge one of course, but I have also sent them to my friends and family.  We don't have to be in a fearful place, but we should have some good planning.  I was a boyscout and the motto was "be prepared".  I feel I am, and I want you to be, too. 

*Our Choice of vegetable seeds from our on-line catalog.  This package does not allow you to choose varieties like the deluxe package. 

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