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Save the Pollinators Collection


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Save the Pollinators Collection

We are loosing our pollinators at an astonishing rate.  What can you do?  Create habitat and a food source for the pollinators by planting the flowers in this collection!  

You get:

Hummingbird Mix, Eastern Wildflower Mix, Butterfly Mix, Western Pollinator Mix, Bee Feed Mix, Zinna Flower Mix, Cut Flower Mix, Poppy Power, Sweet Sunflower Mix, and Honey Bee mix.  

That is a total of 10 packages and there are over 87 different types of flowers in this collection!  

The seed packets alone would cost $29.90,  but you are also getting this great minature bee box (a $19.99 value)!  The total collection is valued at $49.89, but we are introducing it at $29.99 for a limited time.

The wooden bee box can bee painted as a project by your children to bring awarness to the plight of pollinators.  It has a removable lid and can be used for all kinds of things!  Use it to store seed packets, use it as a planter, OR turn it into a piggy bank to start saving up to buy Save the Pollinators Collections for your friends and family!  Start a pollinator-saving chain reaction!  This great little bee box is proudly hand-made in the USA by a nonprofit that gives job and life skills to adults with disabilities.  (see video below)  


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