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Strawberry Clover

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Trifolium fragiferum
Strawberry Clover (Palestine)

Perennial that forms clumps or mats. Leaves are about an inch long, with flowers that develop to be about as long. Flowers somewhat resemble strawberries or raspberries, thanks to their fuzzy and pinkish color.

Cultivated for hay, silage, green manure, cover crop, or to promote pollinators. Known as a weed by some, it works well in flood prone areas, and those places with a high salinity content in their soil.

Organic certified, inoculation.


Soil Preperation:  Clover prefers cool weather conditions. This crop is well-adapted a wide range of soil types and conditions. Medium red clover tolerates wet conditions better than vetch. It can be overseeded on small grains and if the soil is not crusted, it can be overseeded in vegetable crops with no additional preparation to the land.

***Clover seed MAY be coated for ease in planting (the seed is tiny) and it helps germination to have a biological innoculent.  So, this seed may be coated in a biological legume innoculent.  Sometimes we also sell raw clover.  Meaning it is not coated.  All this depends on availabiltiy. 


Seeding rate is about 1/2 lb. per 1,000 sq. ft.

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