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Organic Sustainable Sprout Collection


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Organic Sustainable Sprout Collection


Almost 2 lbs of seed, and a sprouting screen!


You can create your own mix, or sprout each type of seed seperately.

With this package you, receive a quarter pound of the 7 following seed varieties...

-Organic Clover (Medium Red)

-Organic Kale (Red Russian)

-Organic Barley

-Organic Oats (Naked Hulless)

-Organic Rye (Winter)

-Organic Wheat (Hard Red Buckskin)

-Organic Radish (Cherry Belle)

You will also receive one sprouting screen, that is designed for use with any common wide mouthed mason jar.

Seed Sprouting Instructions

Jar Method

A common method is using any clear and sanitized jar usually the wide mouth size is what is used. Sprouting lids are for wide mouth jars. However, you can also you tulle and a rubber band. If you use a reused jar, make sure the label is removed so the sun can reach all the sprouts.

1.      Place 1-2 TBS of seed in the jar and fill with water.

2.      Pour the water out, the idea here is to simply rinse the seed.

3.      Then fill the jar with filtered water, we do not recommend tap because you don’t want pathogens from the faucet mixing with your sprouts.  Let the seed soak for about 8 hours. As for the grains, they like to be refrigerated for 24 hours before rinsing them and putting them to soak. Simply stick the unopened packet of seed in the fridge.

4.      Rinse sprouts every 12 hours for five days, some of the grains maybe a bit faster or slower. You will want to be vigilant about rinsing to prevent the seed from growing mold, if they mold you will have to start the process over again with new seed.

5.      In between rinses, store the jars in bowls leaning against the wall so they continue to drain. They shouldn’t be left sitting in water.

6.      They will be ready for greening once they form about an inch long sprout with one to two true, but little, leaves. Set the jars in a place with strong direct light and watch the sprout turn green over the course of the day.

7.      Store sprouts in the refrigerator for a week or more. To keep them storing longer you can rinse them daily to keep them fresher, however, do not refrigerate them right after rinsing, let them dry out a bit.

Mesh Bag Method

Same instructions as above but a mesh bag with a fine mesh is used.

1.      Place the desired amount of seed in a mesh bag

2.      Place bag in a bowl of water and withdraw to rinse.

3.      To soak, place bag in a bowl of fresh, filtered water and leave to soak.

4.      To drain, hang over sink until the bag stops dripping.

5.      Rinse in a bowl of fresh water 3-5 times a day until sprouts are an inch long and ready for greening.

Sprouting Tray Method

Purchase a seed sprouting tray.

1.      Place a single layer of seed in the tray.

2.      Soak seed in a bowl before transferring to seed tray or place tray in a bowl of water. Tilt to drain thoroughly.

3.      Follow jar instructions. 

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