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Sweet Peas

Tips for success with heirloom sweet pea seeds.


  • Sweet peas like cool weather.  That means planting them at a time when they will get at least 60 days of temperatures below 60 degrees.  In hot areas give sweet peas a try in the fall instead of the spring. 
  • Like peas or beans, sweet peas will germinate faster if you soak the seeds overnight in water before planting.
  • Beware mice and birds love newly planted sweet peas.  Even the new sprouts.
  • Rich, well composted manure is a sweet pea favorite and the key to sweet pea success!
  • A light frost will not hurt well grown sweet peas, but protection is needed from more servere weather.
  • Remember just before the bloom sweet peas will benefit from compost teas.
  • Give them a fence to climb on!
  • Remember the more blooms you cut off the more fragrant sweet pea blooms you will get!

*** We sell high quality sweet pea seeds.  Our prices are a bit higher, but you are getting quality seeds from excellent seed stock and high germination rates.  We sampled four other heirloom seed companie's sweet peas this year and were shocked not only at the poor germination rate of their seed, but the varieties were not true to type.  With heirloom sweet peas there will always be some variation, but 50% or more were not even the right color or shape!  This is unacceptable!  Buy your sweet pea seed from soneone you can trust.

Sweet Pea Bijou Mix Dwarf

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