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Pollinator Mix - Sweet Sunflowers

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Sweet Sunflower Mix 

Helianthus annuus

Packet contains 2 grams

For the most diverse sample of our sunflower collection, choose Sweet Sunflower Mix.  This pollinator-friendly mix brings together stately Black Mammoth, fuzzy Sungold Dwarf and the warm hues of the Autumn Beauty Mix. A great choice for cut flowers, edible seeds, and attracting birds, bees and native pollinators to your garden.  

Growing Information

Type: Annual

Days to bloom: 90

Seed Depth: 1 inch

Height: Various

Spacing: 20 inches final spacing.  For each plant you want to end up with, loosen a 2-3' patch of ground down to 2' depth, and sow several clusters of 5-6 seeds, 6-8 apart. Thin the clumps to the best 4 when seedlings are 3" high, the best 2 when seedlings are a foot tall, and the best one when 2' tall.  

When to sow: Direct sow after danger of frost has passed in spring/early summer. Sunflowers have long taproots and do not transplant well. Ambient temperatures should be above 50F.  

Days to germination (under optimal conditions): 5-10

Light: Full sun-6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day- the more the better. 

Water: Keep moist while seeds are germinating, then water regularly.  

Soil: Well-drained, nutrient rich (sunflowers are heavy feeders).  Sunflowers benefit from a slow-release fertilizer or fertigation with e.g. fish emulsion.  

Pests: Slugs and snails will destroy seedlings.  Protect developing seed heads from birds if you want to harvest seeds. 


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