Tatsoi Mustard

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Brassica rapa
Tatsoi (43 days)

Small and sturdy, Tatsoi is identified by its emerald spoon-shaped leaves.  Its stalks are sweet, almost creamy and great in stir fries. The texture is similar to Mache, but much heartier.

Although Tatsoi is in the Mustard family it does not taste that way.  In fact eaten when the leaves are small it has no bitter taste at all to me.  I'm a picky greens eater and I love Tatsoi mixed in salads.  I know I'm getting some real nutritional value and it tastes good.

Tatsoi leaves are generally eaten raw, but may be added to soups at the end of the cooking period. When Tatsoi is mixed with other greens it enhances the flavor and nutritional value.

Here in California we do just fine with Tatsoi most of the season until it gets hot.  If you live in a hot area, make sure to plant it in early spring or late fall.  I also like to treat it like lettuce, meaning that I plant a little every few weeks so that I will have a constant supply. 

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1/4-1/2" 400-600 45-65 5-13 18" 6" 70 lb. Full to parial

Brassica juncea

Planting Tips:

In sping or fall, sow directly into soil 1/8” deep about 1“ apart.  Keep well watered.  For additional crops, sow a new patch every 20-30 days.

Seeding Rate: 32,000 plants/acre, aproximately 2 lb.

Heirloom seeds are hardy but always take care with your garden seeds to give them the appropriate amount of moisture - not letting the vegetable seeds dry out prematurely or overwatering and possibly having them rot.


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