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I received this order in the mail today. I wanted to write y'all a note of thanks. Not only did I receive everything I ordered, you included over 100 extra seed packets for the school gardens. It was a wonderful surprise. I will be presenting the seeds to the schools today and next Tuesday. You have my deepest gratitude and the farm's business for a long time to come. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

Submitted by C.T., who rated us 10/10

On behalf our Non-Profit, I want to thank you for your donation of seeds to our organization for our Fall Celebration Event! We handed out free seeds to over 100 supporters and donors while educating them about the importance of saving seeds, sharing seeds within communities, and our efforts to protect seed libraries from regulation by state agricultural departments. Thanks again for your support!

Submitted by N.T., who rated us 9/10

Thanks, as always, for the great seeds. They are healthy, clean and viable always. You ship FAST too and it is much appreciated. I really want to thank you for the free packet of Beefstake tomato seeds!

Submitted by G. K., who rated us 10/10

Thank you so much! Your company comes highly recommended. PLEASE keep it going, now more than ever. Thank you

Submitted by Theresa, who rated us 10/10

Thank you for having the absolute best selection and everything we need. You have definitely gained a customer for life. My family and I are starting an indoor aquaponics setup this winter using your high quality seeds. We look forward to a very tasty harvest.

Submitted by D.R., who rated us 10/10

First of all, I would like to tell you how much I love your company and its offerings. I have been gardening in earnest for only a couple years now, but have had great success with all your products. Plus, I love all that you stand for and promote.

Submitted by Hailey, who rated us 10/10

thank you so much! Pleasure to support you, happy to do so, hope to in the future as well. It was great to read all that info on each seed, and tips on planting, collecting seed, etc. Made it easier to make my seed choices.

Submitted by Kerstin, who rated us 10/10

I love what you are doing! I think it is wonderful that more people are interested, wish they never gave up....because our food supply is so awful now. I have been fighting against GMO's and will continue. It is the only way we will avoid disaster. Thank you for what you are doing. Antonia

Submitted by Antonia, who rated us 10/10

My last order was fantastic! So happy to do business with you again!

Submitted by Julia, who rated us 10/10

...i look forward to future orders. your website totally rocks! it is very imformative and there is no comparisons to the other sites i've visited. thanks again for the quick turn around of my order!

Submitted by Bud, who rated us 10/10

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