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All I can say is....WOW! The seeds are unbelievable and it is a fantastic company filled with great people. They have an uncomprehensible amount of seeds (more than 1,500) and they are ALL certified organic with tons coming in heirloom varieties. Not to mention the fact that they are grown on an environmentally sustainable farm in CA and have seeds grown and sourced only in America. An environmentally sustainable company, run by kind people supporting American farmers, and they grow outstanding seeds?! Get on board people!

Submitted by Big Germinator, who rated us 10/10

I was very happy with my first order from your company!!! Now, others in my family also need the seeds. Thank you so much

Submitted by Tanisha, who rated us 10/10

Thanks. The marigold seeds i brought from you last year did very well and there is another fact I wanted to share with you, which is that the Kamut wheat did very well in my poorish soil that i did not fertilize for it!

Submitted by Rose, who rated us 10/10

Thank you so much for sending my order so quickly. I want to thank you for the extra package of eggplant seeds That was very pleasant and unexpected.

Submitted by Kaye, who rated us 10/10

Thanks a million! What a quick response too, really do appreciate it. We

Submitted by Jenny, who rated us 10/10

I kept coming back to your website. I am so impressed not only with the wonderful information on your site, but your whole attitude about sustainability. (Especially when you included how you treat staff is part of it!) Everything you talk about...and I mean EVERYTHING was exactly what I was looking for. My seeds will be arriving soon, but I wanted to take the time to tell you that what you do counts! Really, it does. Your work is so very important and inspiring as well. What you do is valuable on so many levels. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be recommending you to my friends who are growing their own food as well.

Submitted by Mary, who rated us 1/10

Hi. wow great website and even better your goals and commitments.

Submitted by John, who rated us 1/10

Thanks for what you do! Just made my first order with you!

Submitted by Tracy, who rated us 1/10

Just wanted to say thank you for the free tomtato seeds! It was very kind and generous. I like many people these days am struggling, hoping that a backyard veggie garden will help out this year. Your free seeds are a very welcome gift. Just wanted you all to know how much I appreciated it! Hope to have a good crop, and will definitely buy from you again. Many thanks

Submitted by Deanna, who rated us 1/10

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for customizing my safety seed package and for all the wonderful info. I

Submitted by Mary, who rated us 1/10

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