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Thanks for the speedy delivery. The wheat has been planted and the majority has taken hold... already 4" high and its only been planted for 9 days :) I can't wait to plant the other stuff next spring. I told others about your company

Submitted by Sam, who rated us 10/10

I really like your emailed newsletters. I'm a blind gardener and very into organic and sustainable gardening. Keep up the great work.

Submitted by Gilbert, who rated us 9/10

I think your service is great, your selection is amazing, and your prices do not break the bank! So I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Submitted by Marianna from , who rated us 9/10
Jan 17, 2011

You guys did such a wonderful job! I just wanted to say Thank You!

Submitted by Kim from , who rated us 7/10
Jan 17, 2011

I know you are aware of the good will such actions create. You are a jewel and I appreciate you! Actually we have seven acres, about half of which will be under cultivation this summer. Trying to teach folks to eat locally, grow their own crops and harvest the seeds, while using local sources for natural fertilizer. All the good stuff. Thanks so much!

Submitted by Lou from , who rated us 9/10
Jan 17, 2011

I absolutely love your company and the work you do. I recently ordered my seeds and am waiting impatiently for Spring to arrive.

We appreciate your kind comments

Submitted by Lara from , who rated us 4/10
Jan 17, 2011

Thanks .. great seeds last year close to 100% germination ratio.

Submitted by Charles from , who rated us 9/10
Jan 17, 2011

I just recently ordered seeds from you for our school garden in Oakland. The reached us so fast and we are very happy. The kids were especially happy about the free watermelon seeds. Thank you so much. When we need more seeds, we will definately go with you.,

Submitted by Ms. Sally, who rated us 7/10
Jan 17, 2011

The pkg w/my order arrived. Thanks so much... I WILL be visiting your site again and again !

Submitted by Donna, who rated us 9/10
Jan 17, 2011

"We love your seed company! Thanks for providing the best seed!"

Submitted by Florida Urban Gardener, who rated us 7/10
Jan 17, 2011

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