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Texas Paintbrush Flower Seed


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Texas Paintbrush

Castilleja indivisa

250 mg (roughly 2800 seeds, sows 100 square feet)

This Texas native covers hills and roadsides in a rich red-orange carpet from March to May.  The single erect stems stand 8-24 inches high. Pairs beautifully with Texas Bluebonnet, and attracts butterflies. 

Texas paintbrush takes some care to establish. Germination may take 30-120 days, and requires soil temperatures between 55°F--­65°F. Seeds are generally started in August-December. The seeds are very small and should be sown directly on the soil surface and lightly raked in. Texas Paintbrush develops a single slender tap root, so young plants do not transplant well. Grows best in full sun and well­ drained soil. 

Approximately 5,100,000 seeds per pound

1 oz covers 10,890 square feet

1/4 pound covers one acre

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