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Seed Rack Sales

Retail Racks for the Garden Center, Feed or Hardware Supply

Yes, we have retail seed racks.   Choose from over 250 items in our expansive sustainable seed line or certified organic seed line.  Your customers will go crazy either way.  Who doesn’t love growing heirloom vegetables?  In these challenging times, many people are learning that gardening is a Seed Rackway to reduce the family’s food bill.  In fact, the seed industry has seen a 40% growth in the last year as the economy has continued to have problems.

Having trouble selling ornamental container plants in this economy? Have you seen your sales plummet?  Try an heirloom seed rack.  Heirloom vegetable seeds are HOT and flying off the shelf.  Who wouldn’t pay $1.99 for a packet of seeds that could produce $240 worth of food? Families are learning that home grown organic food is not only satisfying, but incredibly nutritious.  It’s one of the only ways to avoid GM food products and MANY people are discovering this.

Gardeners are becoming more savvy these days and ripping out ornamentals and planting food! In fact there is a huge movement to rip out lawns and replace them with food. Community gardens are springing up all over and they all need heirloom vegetable seeds!   As a garden retailer or hardware store, you should be reaching out to these new customers (many have never planted a garden before) and educating them with free workshops.   We have watched how local hardware stores here set up a tent, 50 chairs and give a 1 hour vegetable garden workshop.  I was amazed not only at the attendance (some gave 2 talks a day), but there was a huge boost in sales, from vegetable seeds to soil, organic fertilizers, pots, etc…

As a garden retailer in these times, you have to be creative to stay afloat.  I know because I owned a garden center for many years.  Back then, seed sales were nominal and very seasonal, but not anymore. People are understanding the importance of healthy food that can be grown right in their own backyard and they are looking for a source of not only seed, but information – because most are first time gardeners.  Be that source!  Hold veggie growing contests (for example) and encourage people to bring those veggies in on a harvest weekend.  When they get there, sell them fall seeds and supplies!

Plant 4″ veggies for resale. We sell bulk heirloom seed and it is a great way to make a lot of money in the spring and fall.  The soil and pot will cost you far more than the seed, but many customers are intimidated by planting seed.  This is a great way to introduce them and make a substantial profit.  One of our local nurseries makes over 33% of its spring profit on 6-pack heirloom veggie sales they grow themselves. Especially tomatoes!  We know of a non-profit that makes 60% of its yearly operating budget on two spring heirloom tomato plant sales!  Heirloom tomatoes are HOT and we have tons of heirloom tomato seeds to choose from.

Fall gardening can be a real boost to your business. Help remind people how important fall gardening is to the table and food storage.  Most people only think of gardening in the spring, but fall vegetable gardening is a huge untapped market most garden centers neglect.  People are thinking food now and they rely on their local garden centers to teach them.  We know of a local hardware store that gives canning classes to help sell not only the canning products, but tons of fall heirloom veggie seeds or starts.

Christmas/New Years is a slow time for most garden centers, but not for those who have seed. This is the busiest time of year for us as a seed company.  People are locked inside out of the cold going stir crazy, just dreaming of spring.  Get them out of the house and into your shop!  Offer free hot coffee, cookies and cider.  Gather them in and teach them about gardening.  Now is the perfect time to sell them books and seed.  Show them how to plan a garden.  Teach them about how tomatoes grow, what nutrients they need and how to stake them.  They are a captive audience this time of year and ready to buy seed. Many will lay the packets out on the floor with their garden plans and dream about the coming days of spring.  It’s how many of us get through the winters as gardeners.

The point is this: Don’t get depressed about your sales; get motivated and take action!  People are concerned about the quality and safety of their food.  People are having a hard time affording nutritious food.  Many have never gardened in their life, but they want to.  Teach them and prosper.  Be the source they need, not only for information, but the products you and they need to be a success.

We are here to help you be that success.  Buy your seed rack online right now or call us for a custom package.   1-877-620-SEED

Comments on Seed Rack Sales

Dreissak 07-05-2013 04:13 PM
I love the Russian Brown Cuccumbers, they taste the best and with all the rain we've gotten they are the only one's still producing. Will be buying all my seads from her in the future.
Qinooys 09-03-2012 01:11 PM
You will love parsnip. Here, they grow eaisly, you plant them and forget them until harvest time. Since they are sweeter after a light frost, I wonder what it will taste like in California.
Island Palms Nursery Attn: Marcie 01-17-2012 12:21 PM
The past three years I have been stocking seed racks at our Nursery, the sales doubled the second year by switching to heirloom varieties. I have been growing Sustainable Seeds varieties for 2 years now and have been extremly happy with the germination rates and quality of the produce grown. Thank You!!

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