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Pollinator Mix - Zinnia Flower Mix

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Zinnia Flower Mix

Packet contains 2 gram

Zinnias are easy to grow, and brighten any garden.  They make wonderful cut flower arrangements and are popular sellers at farmer's markets. Excellent as a border in your garden, helping to attract and feed pollinators.  Butterflies and hummingbirds love these flowers!  

Mix includes: 

California Giants, Canary Bird, and Luminosa zinnia varieties.  

Growing Information

Scatter seeds in a weed-free and tilled ground in fall or early spring.  Run the back of a rake over sown area to gently press seeds into the soil down to 1/8" deep.  Cover the area with straw to discourage birds from eating the seeds.  Keep the soil moist until seedlings are established, about 4-6 weeks, longer for species that require cold temperatures to germinate.  

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