Easy Seeds to Start: For Beginners

Embrace your beginner status and focus on easy-to-grow crops.

Only picking a few varieties to make learning easier and increase your success. As you gain experience you can slowly add more varieties to your garden.


Cool Weather Crops

Among the easiest and fastest growing crops are cool-weather crops. Starting seeds in spring and then again in late summer for harvest in the fall.


Cool weather crops

Summer Crops

There are a couple easy-to-grow summer crops that will take a little longer to grow but good for beginners as well.


Summer crops fro beginners

Herbs are always the best way to start our garden off!

Most herb seeds you can start in the spring but there are few, like Basil, who like it warmer. You can start herbs year-round indoor with our Herb Window Garden Kit or plant them outside.


Herbs for beginners
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