Independent Seed Companies Cooperate in Wake of Paradise, California Wildfire

True Leaf Market Seed Company is happy to announce a cooperative synergy with Sustainable Seed Company (SSC), whereby True Leaf Market will manage all operations for Sustainable Seed Company for the foreseeable future.

Sustainable Seed Company has endured some real challenges in the past 9 months. Based in Chico, California, many of SSC’s employees (including owners) lived in nearby Paradise, California, and lost their homes in the tragic fire that ravaged Paradise in November of 2018. Despite the near impossible challenge of operating a business under those conditions, Sustainable Seed Company has continued to offer customers and community support during that time. However, the compounding challenges precipitated by the fire, including many key employees relocating from the area has made continuing operations increasingly difficult.

In August of 2019, Sustainable Seed Company and True Leaf Market entered into an agreement whereby True Leaf Market would relocate and manage the operations of SSC. John Fendley, Founder, of Sustainable Seed Company and better known as “Farmer John” commented: “We are grateful for the arrangement with the team at True Leaf Market. It keeps our customers taken care of with same great products and fulfillment service they have come to expect, and we are thrilled that the Sustainable Seed brand will live on.” True Leaf Market Partner, Robb Baumann, commented: “It may seem unusual for competitors to work together but there are not many independent seed companies left and we have to stick together. Farmer John has maintained some really great heirloom seed varieties and we look forward to working with him to continue those lines.”

True Leaf Market is a full-service seed and garden supplies company, offering a wide selection of non-gmo seeds including conventional and organic options for gardening, sprouting and microgreens.

You can visit both company websites at and

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  • Caroline Gerardo 11:31 AM

    You are an inspiration to the American spirit. I purchased from you and have had your company and employees in my prayers. Thank YOU!

  • Karen 07:50 AM

    I can not tell you how delighted I am with this news. I was devastated when I read John’s “Farmer John” email that looked like the end for Sustainable Seed Company. I have purchsed from SS for three years now and grow fresh millet from your seeds for my cockatoo (who adores them!) and have used some of your seeds as cover crops in my attempt to bring back my mountain soil to the point it can sustain growing life. Soooo very happy to know that I will be able to replenish my seeds come spring from one of my favorite and most trusted seed companies.

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