Know Your Garden

Know your Garden with Sustainable Seed


To be successful with vegetable gardening or any type of garden you will need to know:

  1. Know much sun your garden site will get.
  2. Learn about your soil.
  3. Knowing the extreme conditions of our garden site.


Sun for Your Garden

This will be a great time to start a garden journal. The journal is where you will keep all your notes about your garden throughout the growing season. You will be able to make notes as to what worked and what did not work then makes the changes for next year. To start off your garden journal you will want to make a note about how much sun or shade you garden site receives throughout the day.

  • Most vegetables and annual flowers will need at least 8 hours of direct sun per day.
  • Plants take partial shade will need at least 4 hours of direct sun. *A site facing east or west may work.
  • Full shade plants do not need direct sun but they do need indirect light. *Sites with deciduous trees filtering the sun will work great.


Your Soil is the Foundation of Success

Testing your soil can help you determine the pH and your soil type. You can get a soil testing kit at your local extension office or you can ask your neighbors. Knowing what type of soil you have will help you determine if you need to add amendments to the soil to help make your plants grow strong and fruitful.


Know your Extreme Conditions

With observing your gardening site you want to know the extreme conditions that your plants may encounter so you are able to make adjustments as needed. For example identify spots that are windy, exposed to late afternoon heat & sun or puddles that linger for long periods of time after the rain. 



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