22,000 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds, Emergency Seed Vault, BugOut Seed Bag™

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34 Varieties for your HEALTH

21,598 seeds for your SURVIVAL
13,000 pounds of food for your FAMILY

Urban and suburban survival will require advance thinking, decisive action, and fast movement. In a crisis situation, you'll need to move FAST. You will have to get your family to safety. You'll only be taking the absolute essentials. You'll be bringing food to eat, water to drink and other essential supplies.

Once you get to where you're going, though, you'll need to start planning for the long term. The Bug Out Seed Bag™ easily fits inside a knapsack or backpack and is exactly what you need for long-term success and survival. 

It contains 34 different varieties of vegetables and herbs that will not only feed you and your family but give you essential barter items for those things you need from others. 

Also, includes is a 48-page book!  This book will teach you how to plant your seeds, grow, harvest, including planting charts.  FAQs and even how to save seed from your non-GMO plants.  Also has an entire chapter devoted to SURVIVAL GARDENING! 

# Crop Variety Grams Seeds # Crop Variety Grams Seeds
1 Beet Detroit Dark Red 2 106 18 Lettuce Bibb 3 2,646
2 Broccoli Waltham 1 317 19 Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson 3 2,646
3 Broccoli Sprouting 1 317 20 Lettuce Romaine (Green Cos) 3 2,646
4 Cabbage Charleston 1 229 21 Melon Hale's Best Jumbo 1 35
5 Cabbage Late Flat Dutch 1 229 22 Mustard Old Fashioned 2 1,058
6 Carrot Danvers 126 1 705 23 Onion Tokyo 1 317
7 Carrot Scarlet Nantes 1 705 24 Pea Sugar Anne 14 56
8 Cauliflower Snowball 1 317 25 Pepper CA Wonder 0.25 44
9 Celery Utah 1 2,293 26 Pepper Cayenne 0.25 44
10 Chard Ruby Red 2 106 27 Pumpkin Small Sugar 4 32
11 Corn Reid's 14 74 28 Radish Cherry Belle 5 470
12 Cucumber Straight 8 1 34 29 Spinach Bloomsdale 4 296
13 Eggplant Black Beauty 0.25 55 30 Squash Black Beauty 4 24
14 Herb Basil 2 1,128 31 Squash Waltham Butternut 4 36
15 Herb Thyme 0.5 2,293 32 Squash Yellow Crookneck 4 28
16 Kale Lacinato 4 1,128 33 Tomato Roma 0.25 28
17 Kale Siberian Dwarf 4 1,128 34 Watermelon Sugar Baby 2 28

Doesn't happen often BUT...Due to seasonal availability, substitutions may apply.

You get five more varieties than our competitors for a lower price.

"A 'bug-out bag' is a portable kit that contains the items one would require to survive for seventy-two hours according to Wiki. This is the backpack you grab when natural or economic disaster strikes and get out of town with what you can carry on your back."

No room for a big heirloom seed bank in a backpack, but wherever you eventually settle, you will need to sow the seeds of life-giving food.


  • 34 varieties of heirloom vegetable seeds; not 20 types like the competition. You save money and get more seed! Why? Because we are not just resellers of seed, but actual farmers of seed. We can control not only the price but the quality/freshness, unlike seed resellers that must take what they are sold and pass it on to you.

  • Sealed in a space-age mylar bag for absolute freshness, without cramping your bug-out backpack. Soft-sided and easy to pack, unlike other seed banks in hard metal/plastic cans. A space-saving size that is easy to store in your refrigerator or freezer until needed.

  • We spend thousands of dollars germ testing our seed in State laboratories. Our heirloom seed exceeds Federal Germination Standards.

  • Each heirloom seed packet contains exact planting instructions for your success. No simple mailing labels stuck on envelopes like our competitors. We have real seed packets with actual instructions because we are a real seed company!

  • We do not sell anything but seed and we are EXCELLENT at what we do. After all, we ARE American seed farmers. Our seed is harvested fresh from our farm and kept in climate-controlled, refrigerated storage, unlike survival seed companies operating out of spare bedrooms and hot/humid garages.

You can live without a lot of things, but you can't live without food. Don't be caught without a way to produce more food. You need an heirloom seed bank that is light and portable! You need a Bug Out Seed Bag™

Why Open Pollinated Seeds?

Open Pollinated or Heirloom seeds are what you want if you need to survive! You can plant a seed, let the plant grow up and produce seeds, and then plant those seeds next year and be assured you'll get the same plant. Hybrids and GMO seeds won't do that. Only Open Pollinated and Heirloom will save you and your family in a crisis.

Why a REAL Heirloom Seed Company?

Others out there simply buy seed from goodness knows where and repackage it. We're different - We have a CERTIFIED ORGANIC farm and grow seeds on it. Rest assured that we stand by our reputation - these seeds meet strict federal guidelines. Most other "survival seed" packages out there don't have the same stringent regulations we have to adhere to.

We also sell over 1,500 varieties so we can choose the BEST, most VERSATILE varieties to ensure your gardening success.

Mylar Foil Survival SeedsAs a REAL seed company, we include detailed planting instructions on EVERY seed packet we sell. We also offer a wealth of information on our website, including tips and pitfalls to avoid for growing different types of seed - what "survival seed" company can offer that?

Why Mylar Foil Bags?

Mylar packs flat so it can fit easily in your backpack; triple layered protection from moisture, sunlight, and radiation. We add a silica desiccant packet to help ensure that the seeds will be viable for longer - most other companies just throw the seeds in a sealed bag without regard for the rot/mold factor!

Amazing value because separately these seed packs sell for $2 or more each.  That's $68! PLUS the book valued at $5 and the bag itself.  You can easily see how $34 is more than HALF OFF! 

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Bug out Bag

I am giving the Bug Out Bag of seeds for gifts to family members. I have had great success with all of my seeds from Sustainable and want to encourage the next generation to get outside and grow!

seed vault

I'm extremely happy with the product I purchased. It was a great value for the money. The delivery was quick and just in time for fall planting.

Bugout Bag

The seeds shipped fast. They germinated quickly and we have a great 30 by 70 feet garden full of great produce .

Great Gift!

My sister has a greenhouse, so she can plant anything, anytime she wants to. I can't. But I got her this pack of seeds for her birthday and she's raved about it several times stating that she "can't believe how many seeds are packed in there". I'm jealous! I almost bought myself one too, but figured that in my climate & situation I'd better stick with my little old regulars from the hardware store. Boo Hoo. I want to "Bug-Out" tooooooo!!!

Great Seeds

All the seeds that I planted came up and are growing strong and big, looking forward to when they are planted in the garden after the weather subsides this month, Very pleased with my purchase.