Organic Hopi Blue Corn Seed


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Zeas mays
Organic Hopi Blue Corn
(85-105 days)

1/2 oz seed packet about 50-60 seeds

Once a traditional staple corn of the Hopi people.

Hopi Blue grows 5-7' tall with purple/blue 9" ears.

Can be eaten as sweet corn when picked young.

30% higher protein levels than dent corns.

Source of blue corn flour. Makes amazing blue tortilla chips, tortillas, corn soup, cornbread and for starters.

Great fall decoration. Excellent article. Must read.

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Love it!

I received the seeds promptly, and they are indeed growing, they are massive already! Thank you so much, I plan on using every part of the plant including the roots. Will dry the husk for tamales, the leaves and hair for tea and pickle the roots. As far as the kernals I will use some for Masa, and other things and the Cobb will also be used for tea.

Glorious Blue

It has come up well and is progressing nicely looking forward to that unusual color

Hopi Blue corn

The seeds came and they looked nice and healthy. I have not planted them yet, so I can’t comment any further. The delivery came in a timely manner.