Organic Waltham Butternut Squash


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Organic Waltham Butternut (110 days)
4 grams ~24 seeds


The most popular butternut squash. Waltham is more uniform in shape and size, with fewer crooknecks. This organic butternut has an excellent interior texture and color. Typically grows 8"x4" and can weigh up to 6 lbs. Waltham has a creamy, rich, dry yellow-orange flesh that has a nutty flavor. Vine are extremely vigorous so leave plenty of room for this butternut.

Waltham Butternut makes one of my absolute favorite soups for a cold rainy day. Introduced by Bob Young of Waltham, MA. Thanks Bob for this great organic winter squash!

Waltham Butternut is an excellent keeper. We have had some last as long as 6 months!!!

California Master Gardener handbook recommends this variety for California.

heirloom seeds recommended for texas
The Texas Cooperative Extension at Texas A&M recommends this variety for Texas!


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SVB slayer

We love pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread. And I just love everything about winter squash, quite frankly; the vines, the way they grow, the way they look... the way they... pie. For the past few years, we've been unable to grow any pumpkins and very few summer squash. And we've developed a murderous hatred for the squash vine borer because of that. This year we decided to try the butternut as we heard they are resistant to the SVB (curse them all and their progeny). We did not get a single zucchini or patty pan. Not one. But the Waltham Butternut is the apparently the honey badger of the squash world- it just doesn't give a $#&*. We planted two vines. They've each got at least a dozen squash on them- some of which are almost ready and we've a month to go before a frost. Gonna be a good year for pie.


My biggest fall seller at my stand.