Dwarf Horticulture Taylor Bean Seeds


Phaseolus vulgaris
Dwarf Horticulture Taylor Bean Seeds (68 days)

Approximately 50 seeds per ounce

Also known as "Speckled Bays" or "Cranberry Bean".

This pre-1800 heirloom
is a great producer. Yumalicious on the flavor scale with purple splashed beans that are oval, large and contained in 5-6" pods. Much earlier than other beans of this type. Use it and store it as a dry bean. Seed is splashed with purple-red blotches. Tends to run, so a good sturdy support will increase yields.

Shumways 1907 Seeds Catalog says about Dwarf Horicultural...
"Compact, upright, stout and vigorous grower, and is exceedingly productive. Is nice for shelling and succotash. Is large, oval shape, plump and undoubtedly the best for green shell bean, being rich and delicious as limas."

1924 Portland Seed Co. catalog says about Dwarf Horticulture Taylor Beans...
"Grows erect, strong and shrubby, and is very prolific. The bean is highly prized, green shelled. It is rather large, plump and beautifully mottled yellow and red; one of the most delicious and desirable beans and a great favorite with market gardeners. The dwarf type of the old favorite London Horticultural Pole Bean."

My copy of 1913 California Vegetables by Wickson says "Dwarf horticultural, vigorous grower, large leaves, pods medium, curved; beans pale pink, marked with red".


Recommended by the Following State Universities or Ag Extension Offices as a variety that performs well for their region . CA, TX

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