Scarlet Runner Beans


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Scarlet Runner Bean (60-90 days)

Scarlet Runner Bean was introduced sometime before 1750. This is the most famous and widely grown runner bean. Runner beans are native to Mexico and Central America where they thrive in cool and humid upland terrain. Perfect for the Pacific Northwest.

Scarlet Runner beans are very vigorous and can easily reach 20'. A great producer of beans, they are perfect when small for snap beans or later as a dried shell bean. Shiny black seeds mottled with purple.

Also know for their red blossoms borne in masses of 20-40 on a flower stalk. Hummingbirds can't get enough of them!!

Be sure to grow them on a strong trellis or fence. Perfect for making bean teepees (see picture). You know, putting bamboo in the shape of a teepee and then planting beans on the outside. In no time you have a living teepee! Kids just love them!

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quick delivery

Got my scarlet runner bean seeds a few days after ordering. Waiting to plant until it gets a little warmer at night here in the bay area. The seeds look beautiful! I am excited that they are Heirloom and can't wait to see how they like it here.


Haven't done anything with them yet. Hope they are as attractive as I've heard.