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Cylindra Beet Seed (60 days)

This beet dates back to the 1880s. Also known as the "Formanova". Dark red, cylindrical and about 6-9"s long. This is not your typical beet as it is much longer.

Cylindra beet almost resembles the size and shape of an oversized carrot or let them grow a bit bigger like a sweet potato (in shape).

This long root makes for easy slicing and peeling.

Plant cylindra beet closer than you would normal beets because the grow longer than wider. Get more beets in a smaller space!

Roots tend to push up out of the ground as they grow.

Cylindra heirloom beet leaves are sweeter than other varieties and make excellent greens.

Cylindra makes a nice, sweet canning or pickling beet for it's ease of slicing or whole when smaller. We dry them as well. They are surprisingly sweet eaten this way, keep a higher amount of nutrition than canning and store well.

Cylindra heirloom beet seed is recommended by the Following State Universities or Ag Extension Offices as a variety that performs well for their region. FL, OR, TX

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have not planted yet. Another 6 weeks. Packaging is nice