Sugar Beet Seeds


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Sugar Beet Seeds (90 days)

Beta vulgaris

Sadly, the USDA approved genetically engineered sugar beets Feb. 4, 2011

This has sent many people looking for "genetically clean" sugar beet seeds.

Sugar beets are a natural source of sugar and where most of the sugar industry derives its sugar from these days.

Beets are up to 1 foot long and can weigh from 3-5 pounds.

Seeding rates are from 10-15 lb. per acre.

That means you need to thin them to make sure they have enough room to grow.

Very frost tolerant.

Tops can grow 1-2' tall. Beet tops can be eaten, lightly grazed or fed to animals.

Learn how to make your own sugar from beets!

TIP: Remember any type of beets do not like heat. Optimum temperature is 55-80 degrees. It is very important to keep your seeds moist after you have planted and be patient. It takes two or three weeks to see sprouts.



*Please be aware that a negative test result, while not guaranteeing genetic purity, greatly improves your chances that the seed is NOT contaminated with Genetically Engineered (GE) traits . PCR Analysis tests are costly, but we are committed to our stance on GE contamination in our seed.

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Nice seed!

Bought these a few years ago. They have a good germination rate. I grew a few rows over several years from the same purchase. Never had them grow to giant size, like in the pictures, but that was because the mice and voles kept eating off the tops of the roots. They don't usually eat all the way through, just looks like a person took a bite out of it. They do this with every beet! If anyone has any advice on how to prevent this, I would sure appreciate it!