Organic Tendersweet Carrot Seed

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organic carrot seedsOrganic Tendersweet Carrot (75 days)

Daucus carota

Tendersweet has long, 9-10" tapered roots; rich orange color; sweet, and coreless.

This heirloom carrot is a reliable producer that has been pleasing folks for generations.

Try tendersweet carrot seed in your Victory Garden!

1935 Isbell's Seed Company catalog says about Tendersweet carrot seeds...
"Very sweet and nearly coreless, of good shape; cylindrical, very smooth and about 6 inches long. Of deep orange-red color; crisp, tender and of very fine flavor. Tendersweet carrot is a fine home garden sort, excellent for early market use."

1940 Oscar H. Will Pure Seed Book says about Tendersweet carrot seed...
"Tendersweet carrot is one of the finest varieties, always sweet, tender and brittle, the roots are from 7 to 81/2 inches long, 2 inches in diameter at the shoulder and uniformly tapered to a semi-blunt end. The flesh of this carrot is rich orange with indistinct core."

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