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Rye is unusual among grains for the high level of fiber in its endosperm – not just in its bran.

Because of this, rye products generally have a lower glycemic index than products made from wheat and most other grains, making it especially healthy for diabetics.

Rye Berries can be cooked as a whole grain, a hearty breakfast cereal or ground in your own mill for the freshest rye flour available.

Rye can also be sprouted to use in salads and on sandwiches.

Rye makes some of the most nutritional flour.

It is higher in fiber than other types of common bread and is darker in color and stronger in flavor.

Rye is perfect for a pumpernickel bread loaf or robust peasant breads.

When planted in the fall, Winter Rye establishes quickly, providing lush green cover through the winter, offering producers erosion and weed control while building organic matter in the soil.

Winter Rye can also be used when fall planting is needed for temporary pasture.

When planted in the spring, Winter Rye can be used as a cover crop or for green manure.

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Great for Montana Chickens (zone 5b)

Winter Rye did well out here after a construction project. We just threw seed on the soil in the fall. Our dirt is very alkaline glacial till (clay). It grew tall and the chickens enjoyed jumping for the rye heads. Reduced our feeding bill during the summer.