Boone County White Corn Seed


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Boone County White Corn Seed (110-120 days)


Boone County White was created by Mr. James Riley of Boone County, Indiana back in 1874.

Mr. Riley started with the variety "White Mastodon" and selected on the traits he desired such as ear size and leaf size.

A few years later he released his new corn and named it Boone County White.

Boone County was very popular for good reason.

It is a very heavy producer of huge ears that measure 9-11" in length.

That is almost a foot long!

The uniform ears have 18-22 rows.

Heavily leaved, which is great for shading out understory weeds.

9-11' stalks.

Boone County white is a diverse corn that is used for silage, stock feed and cornmeal.

A great deal of information has been lost about the performance of some of these old varieties. Fortunately, some old historical information exists that really helps us today. The 1936 USDA Yearbook of Agriculture recommended Boone County White for the following states IL, KY, MD, MO, NE, VA, and WV. This is not to say Boone County White will only perform in these states, but it does let us know the USDA was impressed with yields in these states in 1936.

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Great corn

This is my first planting of your seeds and every one came up. Granted here in the south side of Atlanta, we have had a lot of rain, the plants are already 6 feet tall as they were planted on April 13. They are healthy and thriving. I can't wait to see the ears emerge. Five stars for this seed. I'll post a picture when the ears arrive.