Hickory King White Corn Seeds


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Zea mays

Hickory King White Corn Seeds (115 days)

Large wide deep kernels on small white cobs.

8-9" long ears.

Grows in a wide variety of soils.

Very tight husks help keep out corn worms.

Excellent root structure, but remember to plant them on 8-10" centers so they can help support each other in high winds.

Each plant can easily average a pound of dry kernels.

One of the best varieties for hominy because the skin slips off so easy.

Great Hickory King recipes.

There are many uses for dent corns like: Hominy, masa harina (what tamales or chips are made out of), Posole, Corn Bread, Corn nuts, Corn Muffins, Hush Puppies, Corn Fritters, Grits, and Corn Soup just to name a few! Slice the kernels off in the milk stage and saute with onions, garlic and other spices for a wonderful dish!

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I use for hominy very good stand.
I need to ask a question, last year my corn was 12feet but no ears what could have happened