Black Eyed Susan Flower Seed


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Rudbeckia hirta
Black Eyed Susan

500 mg packet, contains approximately 600 seeds, covering about 500 sq ft

Black Eyed Susan is a familiar roadside flower to many of us. It's sunshine colored flowers wave in the wind as we pass by at 60mph. Black Eyed Susan is a stiff, upright annual or perennial native to the eastern United States, but has become common throughout the U.S. The characteristic coco brown, domed center is surrounded by bright canary yellow ray florets.

Black Eyed Susan thrives in most soils in full sun. Once established it can handle neglect and is very drought tolerant. Black Eyed Susan is excellent for those who want to xeriscape or need to save on water.

North American Indians are said to have used Black Eyed Susan to treat worms, snakebites, and earaches.

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