Hardy Dry Farmed Tomato Seeds

Dry Farmed Line
Dry farming is not new. The Greeks were masters at it. A very simple explanation means farming without the use of supplemental water. California, like the rest of the world, is facing some real water shortage challenges. One of our responses to this is to produce a line of vegetables and grains that perform well under dry farmed... conditions.

Over-watered tomatoes can taste bland.  Dry farming concentrates these natural flavors. So tomatoes produced this way are 5 times more flavorful and in a farmers market situation are in VERY high demand.  

The tomato seeds you see here were produced under dry farmed conditions. Very simply put, if they didn't survive this type of farming, they didn't produce seed. We are continuing to select plants that not only survive, but excel under these conditions. 

This is an on-going process and we are expanding to experiment with other vegetables.  It is important to note that this system of farming may not work for you, depending on your region.  We rely on nightly fog for a moisture source as we do not get any rain (normally) after March to speak of.  The rain only returns in the fall when most crops are finished.  People in other parts of the country do get rain and even heavy nightly dew.  In this case you may be extremely successful.

There can be challenges to dry farming, so start learning more today.  The next resource that will be in demand WILL be water.  Learn to start using less and conserving today.  We can all do our part for a greener tomorrow.