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Get this great package that contains two types of lavender and a book how to use/grow it.

You get:

  • Spike Lavender (Lavendula latifolia)  ~25 seeds Spike is dubbed the Portuguese lavender.  The plants establish rapidly, producing silver-green foliage with bright, vibrant, blue-purple flowers that attract beneficial insects. The plants themselves will reach a mature height of 12 to 18 inches tall.
  • Vera Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) ~25 seeds Vera is an outstanding heirloom English Lavender known for its sweetly fragrant oil, dark lavender-blue flower spikes, and compact growth habit. Our selection of 'Vera' is also the coldest hardy variety of English Lavender. 
  • The Book Seed2Fork: Herb Planting Guide (96 pages) with a NEW Lavender section which covers...
    • Types of Lavender.
    • Planting locations, soil conditions, container growing, pruning, harvesting, and maintenance. 
    • Uses of Lavender such as medicinal uses, cooking with, lavender crafts and potpourri. 

Lavender likes full sun and a well-draining, slightly alkaline soil.  Lavender is hardy to Zone 5.  It will not tolerate poor drainage, full shade or high humidity.  Space plants 3'-4' apart when planting out. 

Use sterile well-draining potting mix when planting and do not bury the seed, but merely press the seed on the surface.  Keep moist but not soggy.  Seeds can take 4-6 weeks to germinate but may germinate faster if scarified with sandpaper.  Seedlings that are blue-green are healthy and happy.  Seedlings that are yellowish may be getting too much water, the soil may not be draining fast enough and/or the soil may be too cool.  

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Great value!

Can’t wait to see these babies grow. Packets have a generous amount of seeds. The booklet has recipes and ideas for using the plant.

Big surprise to get a packet of Fahrenheit Blues cherry tomato seeds, too! As always, double the number of seeds per package— and my germination rate of Sustainable Seeds’ tomatoes, peppers and other veggies is at least 95% when started in small pots. I’ve counted seeds and resulting seedlings. The germination is high even with 2-3 year old seeds. So I am hopeful about the lavender too!