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Borage has bright blue, star-shaped flowers that explode in a blue profusion all summer attracting honey bees. This makes borage one of the most attractive herb plants to us as beekeepers. If you are one of the many people this year trying to help save the vanishing honeybee this is a perfect plant. Try planting sunflowers in the same bed. The sunflowers will occupy the over-story (area above the borage) providing valuable pollen to the bees and their wonderful yellow color is a great contrast to the blue of borage. We also plant borage under our trees in the heirloom fruit orchard.

The flavor of the borage leaves resembles that of cucumber. Borage will grow to a height of about 18 inches, and spread about 12 inches. Borage is hardy annual that is a native of northern Europe, and grows well in the temperate regions of North America.

The flowers and young leaves may be used to garnish salads. dips, and cucumber soups.

Borage has been used as a tonic for the adrenal glands, it provides an invaluable support for a hectic lifestyle. Borage is also rich in minerals, especially potassium. It has been said that a tea made with borage helps to reduce fevers and ease chest colds. Historically woman in the past have used an infusion of borage to act as a galactagogue, promoting the production of milk in breastfeeding mothers.


Seeding Rate ~75 Lbs an acre

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Wonderful Borage Plants

This is my first time growing Borage so I didn't know what to expect. The seeds seemed slow to sprout but when they did there was no trouble with them. I bought too many seeds because nearly all of them sprouted, so now I have twice as much Borage as I thought I would. Keeping weeds out from between them is fairly easy since (I believe) the plants themselves are preventing most weeds from sprouting.

I planted the seeds in mid May and now it's July 10. The Borage plants are knee high and growing like crazy. The beautiful blue flowers started blossoming only a few days ago and today I saw the first bumble bee harvesting nectar.

I was also surprised at how quickly the seed packets arrived. Since the service is so good and the percentage of germination is so high I plan to purchase my seeds from Sustainable Seed Company again.

borage purchase

I am very satisfied with my purchase of borage seeds. They came up in a matters of a few days and are all healthy and over 4 inches high now. I will order again from sustainable seed company.


Sprouted and appear healthy