Hulless Barley

Hulless barley is the premier choice for the homesteader or home gardener.  Because there is no need for pearling (dehulling) hulless barley retains key vitamins and minerals normally lost in this process.  Because it is hulless, no expensive de-hulling machine needed.  Simply thresh, winnow and enjoy! Most barley produces edible grain in less than 90 days.  That is half the time of wheat.  Add to that most barley contains more protein that wheat, is high in fiber, has a low glycemic index, and high levels of Beta Glucan.   You can see why it is the logical choice. 

We get many emails from disappointed people because we are out of stock on these hulless barleys.  Barley is harvested for us mid-summer, cleaned and the put out here for sale normally by September/October.  We sell out fast!  Do not wait to buy.  You can also sign-up for our newsletter where we announce that the grains are being harvested and shortly for sale.