Organic Sumter Cucumbers


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organic cucumber seedsCucumis sativus

Organic Sumter Cucumbers (50 days)

1 gram 25-35 seeds per package

Sumter produces excellent yields of 5-6" long pickling cucumbers.

These cucumbers are tender, yet stay firm when pickled.

Very tasty.

Sumter cucumber is an excellent pickling type.

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Great for pickling

Grew them this year in a 2'x 12' area on the sunny side of the house, and have already pickled 8 gallons so far, great flower production so many cukes at a time, if cukes grow to big for the QT widemouth jars we make those into bread&butters, there perfect for burgers and macaroni salads and such, we use pickle crisp and ours have stayed crunchy in the fridge , canned or lacto-fermented in a bucket for 4 weeks in the basement.