Organic Black Beauty Eggplant


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organic chioggia beetsSolanum melongena var esculentum
Organic Black Beauty Eggplant (80 days)

Was also know as "Imperial Black Beauty".

Introduced by Burpee Seed in 1902.

Black Beauty has large, jet-black fruits that are egg-shaped and weigh 1-3 pounds.

Fruits set freely and quickly, so that the entire crop can be gathered before the frost. The best early market variety.

Remember to germinate seeds at about 70 degrees in the greenhouse or inside. Transplant when all danger of frost has passed.

Recommended by the Following State Universities or Ag Extension Offices as a variety that performs well for their region . CA, FL, TX

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Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds

I have had great success with the Black Beauty seeds. They have produced the best eggplants imaginable! This was my second year trying to grow eggplants. Last year a rabbit ate all of them before they were ripe enough to pick. This year, I grew them in containers. I placed the containers on a table out of the reach of rabbits ( I found out that rabbits do not like to jump). I hope to have an even bigger harvest in the future! Thanks Sustainable Seed Company!