Organic African Devil Pepper


Organic African Devil Pepper (90-105 days)

Capsicum frutescens


250 mg packet ~30-45 heirloom pepper seeds.

This pepper comes to us from a friend who spent his childhood years in South Africa, in Durban to be exact, where he said this pepper grew everywhere in the wild spread by the birds. For years he has longed for its unique flavor. Finally, his daugher was able to bring him a few seeds last year and he got them started here. Thankfully, he has shared them with us and now we are passing them on to you!

The African Devil pepper or Peri Peri (means "pepper pepper" in Swahili) as it is called in Africa grows 1-2" long by ¼" wide.

Peppers are extremely hot, grows upright, and turns from green, to orange, to red when mature.

The Peri Peri is cultivated in Africa for spice production and of course can be found in the wild.

Besides dried/ground spice, you can make great sauces from African Devil Peppers.

These Hot Sauces are used in stir-fries, cooking shrimp, poultry dishes, soups, stews and to add some zing to fish dishes.

Many South Africans pickle these peppers as well.

VERY RARE here in the United States.

Scoville rating 50,000-175,000

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Great seed, great service!

I was thrilled to find these hard to find pepper seeds. I am looking forward to making peri peri hot sauce. And thanks for the free lettuce seeds.