Burley 64 Tobacco


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Burley 64 is a columnar formed plant growing to 6' in height, and reaches maturity in about 65 days.

It is a white stemmed burley with large light green leaves that turn bright yellow as they ripen.

It gives good yields with very little suckering, and cures easily, either stalk hung or primed.

Burley 64 is resistant to black root rot, tobacco mosaic virus, fusarium wilt, and black shank.

Pedigree (62-231-25H/62-486-25H)

PI 551251

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Took a little while to get here but they were shipped from cali to va so i understand. Ordered a little pack of burley 64 and came with a complimentary pack of indian wyandot Wich was awefully nice. Grabbed an ol 2 dozen egg carton and some garden potting soil i had, and went to work. Dozen seed of burley and dozen of indian. Accidentally dropped more than a few in a couple egg slots in the carton. Seeds sprouted pretty quick under saran wrap. Took the saran wrap off and put them outside (for better heat and light because i like it cold in the house) and actually left them out for about a week in direct sunlight and a days worth of steady rain. Thought i killed them so i brought them back inside and their only getting bigger. A couple of burley didnt survive but what singles didnt i have a clump of burley from when i dropped more than a few in. Nonetheless, their still growing great, and i highly reccomend sustainable seed co. And their burley and indian tobacco seeds. Indian i didnt loose not 1 plant to the extreams of outdoors. I swear i almost couldve just thrown the seeds in the yard and they probably woulda grew!

Tobacco seeds

we did receive the Tobacco seeds also the complementary heirloom tomatoes { thank you }
I planted Half of the Tobacco seeds and half of the tomatoes
, unfortunately the Tobacco seeds never really took the tomatoes are extremely healthy for a late start
we have flowers but no fruit yet
Matthew Holt

Tobacco seeds

Seeds are good plants are about
6 inches tall.sprout rate was real

Burley tobacco

I like it. , thank you