Fall Garden Seed Collection


This package is designed to give you an instant FALL garden without having to think about what to order. We will add one of our $2.49 size packets of vegetable seed from almost every fall seed category we have for a total of 25 packets. All chosen to do well in the cooler temperatures of fall and early winter!!

Tired of high food prices? If only 2/3 of ONE seed packet grows out it can be worth over $259 in groceries alone. You get 25 seed packets! Imagine the potential savings. Why just one trip to the produce stand will cost you more than this package! Just think of how much fresh, organic food you can grow right from your own backyard and save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill!

Also, includes is a 48-page book!  This book will teach you how to plant your seeds, grow, harvest, including planting charts.  FAQs and even how to save seed from your non-GMO plants.  Also has an entire chapter devoted to SURVIVAL GARDENING! 

Perfect housewarming gift or great garden club raffle item.  Great for kids as well. It is just an easy way to get started gardening right away!

Regular Price of all 25 of the $2.49 vegetables is $67 
You save $37
.00 with this package at $29.99

What seed exactly is in this package?
"The Fall Garden Package varies from one to the next, but they generally have the same basic elements: beet, broccoli, brussels sprout, cabbages, carrots, cauliflower, chard, greens, herb, kale, kohlrabi, lettuces, mustard, onion, pea, radishes, rutabaga, spinach & turnip. It’s meant to be 25 different varieties of our most popular vegetables.

The picture is a representation of available crops. Our choice of vegetable varieties. 


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Great Quality

All of the seeds I’ve planted have been viable and healthy. I love getting these curated collections; they include several varieties I wouldn’t normally purchase because they’re out of my comfort zone. So fun to grow and try things that aren’t found in my local grocery store! Just harvested some radishes and spinach this week; picking the Red Russian kale this weekend!


Fall Garden Collection