Small Sugar Pumpkin Seeds


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Small Sugar Pumpkin Seeds (95 days)

Sometimes called New England Pie Pumpkin, Sugar Pie Pumpkin, and Small Sugar Pie Pumpkin

The long time favorite and standard for pies. None grows any sweeter. Fruits small, 6-8 lbs; round, flattened at the ends and a good keeper. Skin is deep orange, smooth but plainly ribbed. Flesh is thick, deep yellow, fine grained and has a deliciously sugar flavor.

1936 James Seed Co. says about small sugar pumpkin...
"The fruits are small, ribbed, about 10 inches in diameter and of 8 to 10 lbs. weight. Colour is deep orange yellow, while the flesh is thick and very sweet. The yield of these little pumpkins is astonishing, outweighing the large fruited varieties. The culture given for Cucumber will give a heavy crop of Pumpkins; or single plants 3 feet apart each way in ordinary good soil will give a good yield."

1938 Abercrombie Seed Co. says about small sugar pumpkin...
Very sweet, fine-grained, golden yellow fruit; the pumpkin for delicious pies and a grand keeper.

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Small Sugar Pumpkin Recommended by the following State Universities or Ag Extension Offices as a variety that performs well for their region . OR

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pumpkin seeds

I ordered small sugar pumpkin seeds and they sprouted in about 6 days (indoors under lights). I got about 90% germination (27 of 30 seeds).