Customer Service

Email:  This is the best and fastest way to reach us. Email us anytime you would like at, we will return your email within 2 business days.  

Phone:  in California 707-703-1242 or toll free at 1-877-620-7333
Please be aware we are unavailable for questions concerning growing vegetables.  We do our best to provide lots of information here on the web and by offering books.)

Printed Catalog:  In favor of sustainability, we do not offer a printed catalog. 

Mailing Address:
Sustainable Seed Co.
355 E. 20th St.
Chico, CA 95928

Seed Recommendation or Gardening Help:
Many times we are asked to recommend what would grow best for a person's particular area.  Although there might be some general information, we grow and live on the West Coast which may be very different from your growing conditions. You should seek this information from your local county agricultural extension agent, garden club, or local college.  They will have much more detailed and meaningful information to make your garden a success.  We have gone to great lengths to put detailed information on varieties so that you can make informed choices. Please read the information provided before emailing questions. 

Secure Server:  Yes, you can rest assured we have a secured server for all your important transactions.  Look for the little "lock" symbol in the bottom bar of your screen.

Seed Counts:  Sometimes it is hard to imagine what a gram or an oz of seed looks like till you get it.  Sometimes that looks really small!  We assure you that you are not only getting the amount advertised, but in most cases a great deal more.  The Agricultural inspector actually laughed at us when we asked if we would get in trouble by adding more than what is listed on the package (they occasionally weigh packages from time to time to make sure they are as advertised).  He said feel free!  So we do!  Weigh it yourself and you will see!  We are gardeners, after all, and spent many years looking in the package going "where is the seed"? 

Problems:  They do surface from time to time.  Please feel free to contact us if you are unhappy with our service or products.  We want to know and will make every effort to correct the problem. 

Wholesale Seed or Bulk Vegetable Seed Orders:  Please email us if you cannot find the bulk vegetable seed amount on the system or if you want to order larger wholesale seed quantities.  If you are a nursery or retail store owner and are refilling your bulk vegetable seed packet display, please make sure we have entered you into our system as a wholesale seed account.  In this way you will receive wholesale seed prices and not be charged tax by the system.

Corrections to the web:  If you find mistakes or malfunctions, please report them so that we may address them immediately.  Thanks for your help!