Our Philosophy

Welcome to Sustainable Seed Co.
Your Source for 100% Non-GMO and Organic Heirloom Seeds

Since 2008, we've been offering heirloom seeds, garden seeds, and organic heirloom seeds - non-hybrid vegetable, flower, and herb seeds. We are America's best source for heirloom vegetable seeds, heritage grains and herb seeds.

We wanted to offer heirloom seeds for one reason: they're not only our history, but our security. You can save the seeds of the vegetables, herbs and grains we offer, and with the proper methods, reliably get the same plants for generations to come. 

- Our Mission -

Changing the World, One Seed at a Time

Sustainable Seed Company provides our customers with rare, organic, heirloom seeds for the backyard gardener, market farmers and organic farmers. Our seeds are always non-GMO. Sustainable Seed Company has all your favorite vegetable seeds, as well as, a large collection of specialty varieties such as wheat seeds and other grains, tobacco seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds and cover crops. Sustainable Seed Company also offers bulk seeds for our farming partners.

Sustainable Seed Company carries many specialty seed mixes including wildflower seeds, herb and salsa packs, mixed pepper seeds, mixed tomato seeds, market garden mix, and poultry pack. We have several seed collections - or "instant gardens" which are great to use, store or give as gifts.

Whether you are a seasoned master gardener or just starting out, we have all the resources you need for successful growing. Check out our online videos, tips and gardening books. Or, sign up for our monthly newsletter. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook where nearly 300,000 fellow gardeners are actively posting great information every day. Finally, don't forget our YouTube Channel where you can catch great videos on what's going on around here, as well as good product videos.

Sustainable Seed Company values food independence and sustainability through green agricultural and business practices. Our mission is to ensure the future of food by saving one of our most precious resources - seeds! Remember...good food comes from good seed.

Through sourcing first organic seeds, and then non-organic seeds, we strive to support and expand the organic offerings not only for you our customer, but also to support the farmers who are trying to make a living as Organic Farmers.