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Best seeds ever!!

Tho seeds excellent. I still not plant the cold weather ones but the hot weather are producing like crazy! Very nice plants.


Always the best popcorn. Grows incredibly good, produces plenty of ears.


The seeds are great and they do sprout as long as they are properly germinated.

Great Germination!

I sowed the seeds for my fall planting of purple sprouting broccoli a little over a week ago. Got over 90% germination. I'm really looking forward to the harvest. I LOVE broccoli!

Nice heavy producer

As noted in the ad about the support! I have it caged, and the cage needed staking LOL.

Love it

Love my beans! Love this company!

not good

I ordered and planted a pack of these seeds in late April. They looked very pale and dry in packet. It took a long time for any to come up. In the same weather condition gourds are thriving; but I don't expect any Klondike.


My favorite

Good, also meh

Zone 9, used as a cover crop, they sprouted, but I felt like it was tiny, like baby clover, I wanted a bush, a series of bushes. After the seeds sprouted I just felt meh.


Great radishes. Grew fast about 25 days. Excellent germination


The seeds did not sprout. From what I’ve read the only way to grow peppermint is through cuttings of existing plants.
Total waste of money and time.

Great germination rate

I always plant more than I need to make up for seeds that do not germinate. I end up giving plants away because my seeds from Sustainable Seeds have germinated 100%.


Took a little while to get here but they were shipped from cali to va so i understand. Ordered a little pack of burley 64 and came with a complimentary pack of indian wyandot Wich was awefully nice. Grabbed an ol 2 dozen egg carton and some garden potting soil i had, and went to work. Dozen seed of burley and dozen of indian. Accidentally dropped more than a few in a couple egg slots in the carton. Seeds sprouted pretty quick under saran wrap. Took the saran wrap off and put them outside (for better heat and light because i like it cold in the house) and actually left them out for about a week in direct sunlight and a days worth of steady rain. Thought i killed them so i brought them back inside and their only getting bigger. A couple of burley didnt survive but what singles didnt i have a clump of burley from when i dropped more than a few in. Nonetheless, their still growing great, and i highly reccomend sustainable seed co. And their burley and indian tobacco seeds. Indian i didnt loose not 1 plant to the extreams of outdoors. I swear i almost couldve just thrown the seeds in the yard and they probably woulda grew!

Zinnias and Basil!!

Wonderful plants! Very good strong basil seedlings and the Zinnias stop every guest to my home in their tracks!

Tender chard!

This chard is very much like spinach. I think every seed germinated, so I've been thinning as we're eating. It's very tender and is not getting out of control - no huge leaves. I will grow this again.

They grow like crazy

I planted a whole bunch of this to attract bees and butterflies. It grows like crazy. However I protected the seed with hay because my first round died because of the hot Florida sun and lack of rain lately.

great for the garden

Used as living mulch in the garden. I will be ordering more to continue the trend

Yellow Pear Tomatoes Zone 9

We started these indoors in January. We transplanted them twice and finally out to our raised bed (full coastal sun). The plant is massive and the tomatoes are TASTY! The best little tomatoes we have ever had. We will likely plant them in a separate bed next year since they grow to such a large size and can crowd out other plants.

Thai Basil Zone 9

Our Thai Basil plants are magnificent! We started them indoors in January and transplanted them to a raised bed (full coastal sun). They are about 2ft tall with large delicious leaves!

Tendergreen Bush Bean zone 9

These green beans are doing great! We planted them directly in our raised bed in full sun. We have already had a lovely harvest of green beans!

Fun Purple Color

So much fun to grow these purple peas! So fun my 3 year old happily eats them straight from the garden! The pea flowers are a gorgeous pink and purple instead of the typical white. A few green peas do show up so keep an eye out for those, but the purple ones are so easy to spot it makes picking peas much faster.

orgnic czech bush tomato

they were sowed indoors on the 1st of april they germinated successfully, they were planted out, in large containers on the 1st of may ...too much rain, yet they seem ok will let you in july when they will fruit hoping the rest of may will be sunnier and of course june and july will be typical ,yet we have had torrential rains in june and july .

Janpanese Nejiri Weeder

great tool

I never got it fucking dip shits

Amazing sweet corn!

We grew about 30 plants of the Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn (growing zone 6b). I started them around Mother's Day. We had about 97% germination & grew 2 other varieties of corn. This was our favorite!!! It was crisp & sweet. We'll be growing much more of it in 2019! It worked great for eating fresh & for freezing.