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Great service, excellent seeds, timely delivery!! Thanks so much.

Did not grow

I started my seeds in seed trays but they did not germinate. I watered adequately but nothing came up.

Jalapeno peppers

Love them planted them after a week they up and looking.

Great seeds

The seeds arrived on time and sprouted. I'm very happy with my purchase

On the wishlist

Wish I had some Ancient tobacco to grow and smoke!😊

they came right on time.............

Nice Siberian Kale!

Came up well and is now looking quite healthy.

Love it

This is my cover crop. Love it. Good clean dry, wholesome.

Number 3

Like the other two I ordered, they started strong and then died. I did all I had read and watched videos on, but they reached 3 inches and fell over and slowly fizzled out. Not blaming the seeds or company.

Fizzled out

Of the 3 short day varieties I planted from seed, these germinated the best and looked to thrive, till they were about 3 weeks in and 3 inchs high, then they fell over and died. LIkely my fault as I never did onions from need before, only plants.


The onion seeds arrived fast. I planted as I had seen on several videos. Germination was good. But the plants just didnt thrive. Not the seed or companies fault, my lack of culture of doing them from seed. They made it to about 3 icnhes, then bent over and fizzled out.

Great value

I purchased the Fall Seed Collection for some container gardening this autumn and have been very pleased with the results. Germination rate was fantastic and I had to do much more thinning than I usually do from store-bought seeds. The little growing guide helped with varieties I haven't grown before (hello, kohlrabi). All of my plants are hardy and healthy and I'm already enjoying the early harvests. Looking forward to maturity on the longer growers. Will be buying the Granny's kitchen garden pack for spring. Thanks so much!

Will grow again

These had lovely dark centers and bold flavor. A very pretty tomato. Will replant again next year.

Outperformed other pumpkins

I planted several varieties over the past couple years. These have been the most reliable producers so far. Averaged 10-15 lbs. one larger one about 20. Nothing remotely close to 40 lbs. that’s ok. Huge ones are a pain to break down.

Best seeds ever!!

Tho seeds excellent. I still not plant the cold weather ones but the hot weather are producing like crazy! Very nice plants.


Always the best popcorn. Grows incredibly good, produces plenty of ears.


The seeds are great and they do sprout as long as they are properly germinated.

Great Germination!

I sowed the seeds for my fall planting of purple sprouting broccoli a little over a week ago. Got over 90% germination. I'm really looking forward to the harvest. I LOVE broccoli!

Nice heavy producer

As noted in the ad about the support! I have it caged, and the cage needed staking LOL.

Love it

Love my beans! Love this company!

not good

I ordered and planted a pack of these seeds in late April. They looked very pale and dry in packet. It took a long time for any to come up. In the same weather condition gourds are thriving; but I don't expect any Klondike.


My favorite

Good, also meh

Zone 9, used as a cover crop, they sprouted, but I felt like it was tiny, like baby clover, I wanted a bush, a series of bushes. After the seeds sprouted I just felt meh.


Great radishes. Grew fast about 25 days. Excellent germination