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In the ground!

My seeds came on time and I started them for sets. Just planted about 240 onion sets 2 weeks ago and they look great!

Awesome start

Got these planted and they are up and doing well, great germination.

2nd year clover lawn

I had to repair some patches from another there person damaging my lawn otherwise has sustained itself. I love this lawn and the activity of bees, birds and rabbits.

5 stars

I had 40 mph winds my greenhouse fell over and was so surprised the seeds survived two days in the cold under soil and are still growing. The roots were in tact so i transplanted them, they are doing just fine. 10 stars

Saving the seed.

I found that this type old seed was hard to find. We are saving it for a special time and place to sow it. Expecting more seed for future harvests out of this bag.

Connecticut tobacco varieties Connecticut 201 and Connecticut 204

I need to buy 1500 seed of this tobacco varieities no type Connecticut broadleaf. Theses varieitis have fron 30-40 leaves and mature nera the 60-80 days and it are demorated in harvesting rate. They are highest yield than Connecticut bradleaf. Teses varieities are similiar to Connecticut tobacco 8212 and Connecticut L 7 male sterile.
Please, if you can seld to me this seed, answer to me this mail.
Senr to me the price of this tobacco seed if you have.
Best regards.
Eng. Mario Gil, since Ecuador.

One of the best ever

This is an incredibly delicious tomato. I think every person I have served it to has remarked that is is one of the best tomatoes they have ever tasted. Great any way you have it.

Great Cabbage

I am growing this in an unheated greenhouse in raised boxes and it is growing great. Planted directly in the soil. Very tasty crisp and juicy variety. Grew through December and January even in freezing weather in greenhouse. Would highly recommend.

Fast, big and hardy

This is not a review of a Volvo. Rather a review of ‘Punche’. Since I started my tobacco seeds, they haven’t stopped at anything I have thrown at them.

Low light, dry spells and even low(er) temperature(19 celsius).

‘Punche’ just wants to grow.

They’ve sprouted!

Planted them a week or so ago and they’re sprouting from their soil blocks. It will be a while before they get to the garden. Can’t wait!





Great serdd

All seeds came up on time plants look strong

Bad batch

Planted per instructions only four plants came up first time that happened

excellent seeds with good germination

good germination

for the first time order, everything went smooth



great service

Oats are Up

Up and growing fine about 10 inches tall. No stooling as expected. Heavy Deer damage as expected. Main use is for erosion control. Oats do very well in my mixture with Barley. About 60 oats to 40 barley. Very mild climate in San Francisco bay area. So Fall sowing and germination and growth is expected.


These seedlings came up like gangbusters - it was around a 95% germination rate. And the fruits are delicious - I have had these in my greenhouse all winter and they are putting on a ton of fruit.

These grew nicely!!

First time grower

Wanted to plant a Wheat that might help us to be more self sustaining. Planted a 18x100 ft strip late fall and looks like a great germination with full rows sprouted going into winter. Looking forward to seeing the growth and harvesting. Hope to get a good picture come spring and post ...

Very quick to germinate

This is my first time growing plants from seeds. I had read that pequin can be difficult to germinate, but these seeds sprouted in a week (approx. 85% germination) and so far are doing well. About 2 months in, I have only lost 3 or 4 seedlings out of about 85. I'm hoping to get them transplanted in the next month. I used a heating mat on a thermostat control, uncovered (I just kept the soil a little moist with waterings 2x per day).

Eng. Telegraph cucumber review

Very good cuke. Long and sweet.