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Seed sown February 21st 2021

The seeds have germinated and found there is a mystery animal which is digging up my sprouts.


I ordered this pack for a family garden but I don’t see any labeling of USDA organic certification?

Hardy grower

Germinates well, grew quickly and dense. Put on many pods. First frost took it out so didn’t get harvest. Planting again in spring.

scarlet flax

hi there,
I haven't planted my scarlet flax seeds yet but will soon and have been giving them away as birthday presents so that my friends can enjoy their amazing color and beauty. I originally got the seeds from a friend in Flagstaff, AZ and had no idea what they'd be like. I was so delighted with how long they bloomed (well into the winter here) and just how prolific the bloom is. I grew last years in a big pot on my deck and will do the same this year. I'll try to remember to send you pictures of this spring/summer's flowers.
take care,
P.S. I'll likely be ordering more soon!

2 weeks in - so far so good

I am a first time planter of seeds, long time tomato grower. I am looking forward to trying the variety of tomatoes I have gotten from Sustainable seeds!

Gardening Winter 2021

I have winter sewn about half of the seeds. I have them in milk cartons and already I see squash and tomatoes. Can't wait for harvest time.

Seeds sprouted fast!

Knowing nothing about zucchini, I planted these way too early. These seeds sprouted fast! The plants grow an inch a day, one has flowered already..looks like I'm going to be growing zucchini indoors, my bad! haha It's been less than 4 weeks since I planted them, one is way ahead of the others, I've decided to name it after the plant in Little Shop of Horrors because it's such a beast. Lesson learned I just bought a large pot to transplant the big one...indoor zucchini is just as good. :) Pictures are from day 4 to current, less than a month later.

Instant Garden Seed Collection

Purchased this as a gift for a friend! She loved them! Still not time to plant here in the Midwest, but positive they will have great results! Package was shipped in a timely manner & good condition too!

The ones our fathers grew

These were planted the first week in February and this what they look like on 2/19. With 32 pots only had to reseed 5 so far. Very well pleased with the product and your service!

Wow. Super easy to germinate.

Germinated super fast and easy. Seedling already growing. A great and fun experiment for me here in New England. Super excited to see if I can get cotton!

Love it, best corn I ever planted

Been growing this in central Alabama, now for 5 years with good results each year. Corn is good on the cob, creamed, and holds its flavor even after being frozen for up to a year. I have planted it early, {late
Feb.}, with fair survival even though it stunts it a little. Will plant in first 2 weeks of March from now on.

Pretty nice!

These eggplant produce very well here in north Texas, but seem to like the hotter days of summer most. They produce a lot of eggplant, which are pretty slender and maybe 6” long. There is no bitterness unless they get very over ripe. Had no pest problems at all. Didn’t need staking. If you plan to sell them, you’ll need to educate people in the process. Folks just aren’t familiar, so it’s a more work to pass them on. But it’s a great little eggplant.

2021 seed order

Good seed kit. Resealable bag, growing booklet and good seed packets.

How to handle moles/voles

Cats are great for dealing with moles and voles in the garden. Two hunt better than one.

Purchased 2 lbs. of New Zealand Clover Seeds

I bought 2 lbs. of New Zealand clover seeds and mixed them thoroughly well with the grass seeds and started seeding the lawn about 6 weeks ago.

I waited at least 6 weeks to see any results. So far, only about 30% of the lawn contained the clover and the rest was grass. Maybe it takes a little longer to see a lawn with more clover. Perhaps it is too early to make a comprehensive assessment.

So far, the lawn contains 70% grass intermixed with 30% clover scattered throughout the lawn. This lawn is in the Southern California region with plenty of sunshine.

Whole Oats

My bunny absolutely LOVES the oats - more so than her bunny pellets!

Wonderful Options.

Great options and I love the growing guide.

Great Seeds!

I received a lovely collection of seeds, and so far the germination rate is exceptional!
I will surely order again!

Marglobe tomato

My 86 year old mother remembers eating these delicious tomatoes as a young girl. I was delighted when I discovered the seeds from your company. Early yet, but next week I will start the seeds for transplanting the fist week of May. I'm excited!

Good cover crop

I bought these as a cover crop. Haven't turned them in yet but they sprouted quickly and survived several pretty intense storms and now they're growing fast. Added bonus, the young plants are very beautiful!

Love these seeds

When finding seeds during Covid was challenging, I heard about these and ordered right away. The package of seeds arrived in just about 2 weeks. Was thrilled with the variety that was included. Most seeds were familiar, but a few I haven't tried before. Looking forward to seeing the crops these seeds will provide for our family. I also liked the guide that was included. Will be sharing some seeds from this package with my daughter in law who is a first time gardener and the guide will be very helpful for her.
Highly recommend.

Love it!

Great gift!

I bought these as an anniversary gift for my parents. They are in there 70s so this was the perfect gift for the people who have everything. Looking forward to seeing how much this gift keeps on giving this summer. 😋

Champion radish

Grows fast, taste great.